Recruitment and a Career in Law

Why I went into recruitment after University

Following the conclusion of my studies in 2018, I was unsure where I saw my career heading. I had studied law, achieved academically but questioned what else is out there? I am goal orientated, a people person who enjoys building relationships, a team player, self-motivated and like most young people financially driven – therefore for me recruitment was a ‘no-brainer.’

From day one, I was thrown into client work, meeting candidates, attending networking events and gala dinners; and as my confidence grew, I was afforded complete autonomy over my own matters and the freedom to start running my own desk. In time, the commission started to trickle in and the hard work paid off – the student overdraft became a thing of the past, multiple holidays were booked and my wardrobe quadrupled!

Why I have enjoyed working for Brooke Thornham

For my first job straight out of University, I feel I was lucky to find such an amazing business. I joined a collegiate, friendly and fun team and built relationships that will stay with me throughout my career. The level of support I have received from both the director and consultants has been outstanding and I don’t believe my transition into recruitment would have been so smooth without them.

Brooke Thornham have also created a culture of quality over quantity – they are not stats heavy or overly target driven and instead focus on client service and reputation. This has taught me something very important in business – if people like you and what you represent then the fees will come. There is no longevity in quick wins. Instead, Brooke Thornham pride itself on their long-standing relationships; many having lasted over 20 years with both clients and candidates returning to us time and time again. It also means as a consultant you are not bombarded with unattainable targets creating a much more relaxed and enjoyable working environment.

What have I learnt?

Recruitment has offered me a platform to build upon characteristics/skills I already have but has also taught me so much about myself and the commercial world. I have developed people management skills; I understand how to negotiate and manage deals; how to question and think creatively; how to develop business and how to be organised.

For me what has also been extremely important, is the insight recruitment has given me into the legal world. I have been able to hear testimonies from lawyers across all different specialisms and begin to understand what is expected from lawyers in each area and why certain personalities compliment some specialisms and why others don’t. Recruitment has also made me understand that the legal sector is more than just the law. Similarly, to recruitment; it’s about networking, creating a profile, targeting markets and thinking creatively to generate work – not just sitting at a desk reading statuetes all day.

The next step in my journey

The past 16 months have been a whirlwind and I am so thankful for all the skills recruitment and the team at Brooke Thornham have given me. However, I now feel it is time to move onto my next adventure. As mentioned previously, I studied law at university, but I was never sure what type of law I would be most suited to/enjoy or even if the law was for me. Through recruitment and speaking with solicitors daily, I have now developed an affinity to transactional commercial law. Like lawyers in this area, I feel like I would enjoy the complexity of the work and attention to detail needed, working as a team towards a common goal and the advisory nature of the work. Therefore, I have taken the plunge and accepted a role as a corporate paralegal with one of the strongest teams in Manchester.

I hope one day to become an accomplished lawyer, as many of the solicitors I have worked with at Brooke Thornham have inspired me to return to the law.


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