The Florit Brooke NQ Solicitors’ Survival Guide 2017 – available from Monday

Navigate the legal job market with our NQ Solicitors’ Survival Guide

It’s back, and it’s bigger and better than ever: the 2017 edition of Florit Brooke’s NQ Solicitors’ Survival Guide launches next week, and will be available to download from Monday, December 19th.

Now in its third edition, our free e-book has now been fully updated with the most current information for trainee solicitors qualifying in 2017 and 2018.

Produced by legal recruitment experts for those just embarking on their legal careers, our first NQ Solicitors’ Survival Guide was produced by our private practice team following the feedback we received from trainees who qualified in the spring and summer of 2015. We asked them what they most wanted advice about – their concerns about the current job market; the elements of job-hunting they were most and least comfortable with; the practical support they found most useful; the gaps in their industry knowledge and so on – then used their responses to help us identify what to address in our guide.

The result? A comprehensive, informative resource full of expert advice, created especially to support trainee solicitors looking for legal jobs in Yorkshire, the North West and North East. Our NQ Solicitors’ Survival Guide will help demystify the recruitment market and enable you to avoid its pitfalls – whether you’re changing firms or being retained, this e-book covers everything you need to get started in choosing your ideal NQ job.

Now newly updated for solicitors qualifying in 2017, the guide explains everything a trainee solicitor needs to know about the legal recruitment market from start to finish. Subjects covered in the guide include:


  • Choosing the right legal recruitment agency for you
  • How to write a legal CV
  • Interview preparation tips
  • How to spot and avoid application pitfalls before they occur
  • Alternative legal careers: what are your options?


Interested in reading our 2017 NQ Solicitors’ Survival Guide?

Our 2017 guide launches this coming Monday – December 19th – and we can’t wait to share it with you. If you’d like to get the guide as soon as it’s published, just fill in the form below and you’ll receive a copy in your inbox on Monday morning. And for more updates, make sure you’re following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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