NQ Solicitors Survival Guide 2016

The NQ Solicitors Survival Guide 2016 is the free guide to getting started on the path to your ideal NQ job in the North

Our free e-book – the ‘NQ Solicitors Survival Guide’ – has now been fully updated for trainee solicitors qualifying in 2016 and 2017 and is ready for trainee solicitors to request via our website.

The publication was the brainchild of our private practice team, and was produced following feedback we received from the trainees who qualified in the spring and summer of 2015.

The guide explains everything a trainee solicitor needs to know about the legal recruitment market from start to finish. Subjects covered include how to choose a legal recruitment company to work with, and how to make the best of the process, from CV and interview preparation through to how to spot and avoid pitfalls and costly mistakes before they occur. There is even a section on alternative legal careers, and how to get further advice.

As Anthony Brooke, partner and co-founder of Florit Brooke explains:

“It stands to reason that, unlike our more senior candidates who may have used the services of a recruiter a number of times before, trainee solicitors are often ‘the uninitiated’ when it comes to knowing how recruitment companies work. In recent years, we’ve frequently come across people who’d already had a bad experience before they spoke to us, through no fault of their own, and in most cases this was simply down to an understandable lack of knowledge and experience on how the recruitment market works. So, in producing the NQ Solicitors Survival Guide, we wanted to demystify the recruitment market and help trainees ‘avoid the potholes’, so that everyone knows what to expect from the outset. Whether you’re changing firms or being retained, this e-book covers everything you need to get started in choosing your ideal NQ job.”

NQ Solicitors Survival Guide

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As the economy has improved, the level of competition for legal roles at all levels has intensified, and none more so than at the NQ Solicitors level. As a result of this we’ve found that candidates needs have changed. For example, trainees who had previously been quite happy to attend group seminars run by legal recruiters such as ourselves have become much more discerning and discreet in how they prepare themselves for the route to their NQ role, preferring instead to do things on a one to one basis.

Fellow co-founder Miguel Florit commented:

“Attending a seminar or workshop can be a good introduction to a single recruiter, and we’ve had lots of interest in such events in the past ourselves. However, in recent times, we’ve noticed how many more questions are asked after the presentation than during! Clearly, at a seminar, in a competitive market, your adversary from another firm might be sitting right behind you and a one to one consultation is a far better way to ask (or disclose) anything you like, with nobody else listening or judging. Whilst seminars still have a place, we produced the NQ Solicitors Survival Guide for those people who appreciate confidentiality – they want the information delivered privately, with the opportunity to follow up in their own time. At that point, in our opinion, there can be no substitute for a personal consultation, since every candidate’s need will be different. It’s the equivalent of personal tuition when compared to a lecture!”

Trainee solicitors can request a copy by visiting the NQ Solicitors Survival Guide page and then gain access to further advice and material.

If you’re currently living and/or working in the North or need to relocate here, then please also feel free to give us a call, and if you’re not even convinced you want to be a lawyer yet, you be inspired by some alternative non-legal career routes here before reading the guide.

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