Gone to the dogs

Dog racing might not be for everyone, but having been at Owlerton Stadium on Tuesday evening with Sheffield Junior Lawyers Division it is clearly still a popular event! I’ve not been for years and my inexperience definitely showed, though I didn’t spot any reason, logic or system to the betting, and the kind comments on LinkedIn to my request for tips yielded little of value.

My colleague Simon Cartwright managed to create his own odds by betting on a dog nobody else had bothered with – 20 to 1 pinged on to the screens much to our amusement – well done Simon for breaking new ground (brave or stupid?), and sure enough that money was never seen again. A three course meal didn’t improve my aim either. I’ll admit I know nothing about the capabilities of a ‘Calzaghe Turbo’ compared to a ‘Lostrigg Freddy’, and don’t get me started on ‘Valais Recruit’. “It’s like horse racing, but with dogs” was the best explanation I got all night.

But I did pick one placing, which made me a bemused ‘winner’ as I actually got less money back than I’d put on… if that’s technically winning it is potentially bloody expensive!! And how did I pick my trusty hound? By name, it spoke to me from the page – ‘Piemans Panther’… somehow apt. Sadly ‘Piemans Cougar’ let me down badly and my ‘system’ was in tatters, time to head back to Leeds with tails between our legs.

Many thanks to Tom Chadwick, Olivia Scott and Ellie Leatherday for your hospitality, Brooke Thornham will hope to work with the Sheffield JLD group again later in 2020.

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