Florit Brooke is 10 – and we have you to thank.

What was happening in the world ten years ago this month?

Casting our minds back through time, we mainly remember Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ being played constantly on every radio station; all the lawyers we knew were inseparable from their first-generation iPhones; and we’d all watched Matt Damon swimming away down the East River behind the end credits of The Bourne Ultimatum.

Oh, and there’s one other thing: in September 2007, Florit Brooke was born.

So, how did it all begin?

At the time of Florit Brooke’s inception, founders and directors Tony and myself were both experienced legal recruiters looking for new professional opportunities. Ironically, our paths crossed through an unsuccessful recruitment prospect: Tony was headhunted for a role at my then-firm (for which I was part of the selection team) but wasn’t offered the position. However, a chance meeting some months later gave us the opportunity to reconnect and compare our thoughts on various aspects of the legal recruitment sector.

Our industry backgrounds were fairly different: I had previously been at a market-leading London firm with a focus on large corporate brands, while Tony’s experience was gained at a prominent northern brand with a strong grip on the mid-market. Our contrasting experiences had given us different skill sets and perspectives; but our similar professional values and alignment of ideas sowed the seeds of a plan, and we banded together to form Florit Brooke Legal Recruitment.

We can certainly say that the last decadehas been a rollercoaster for us. We’ve grown from two recruiters in a broom cupboard to a high-achieving team of eight, necessitating two office moves as we’ve outgrown our workspaces. We’ve successfully completed a rebrand, building further on our brand The Florit Brooke team at the Star at Harome, Yorkshirevalues and explaining the answer to the frequently-asked question ‘why the dogs?’. And it hasn’t always been plain sailing on the seas of the British job market, either: in the last ten years we’ve weathered a punishing recession, as well as an unsettling ‘Brexit-wobble’, and come out the other side a wiser, stronger, and more pragmatic bunch.

This September, we’re celebrating a decade of hard work, happy candidates, satisfied clients, and – we’re happy to say – success. Last week, we marked the day itself with a surprise lunch for the FloBro bunch at the Michelin-recognised Star at Harome – our way of thanking our team for their hard work and commitment over the years – and we’ll be continuing to reflect and build on what we’ve done, learned, and achieved since that day in 2007.

We’d like to thank past and present colleagues, suppliers, candidates and clients for the roles they’ve played in ten years of Florit Brooke. Roll on our second decade!

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