Partners & Legal Directors

Our service to Partners and Legal Directors

Our experience sets us apart with senior candidates. We appreciate that senior candidates will be placing a lot of trust in us when involving us in their career search, and more often than not this will be on a long term basis. Tony Brooke has over 20 years experience in the legal recruitment market in the North and is keen to extend a sensitive and quality-led service to Partner and Director level candidates.

Tony’s approach is to invest time in understanding your preferences and motivations, but also in appreciating your commercial achievements and offering in order to find the right platform for your practice. We’d expect you to be astute in your choices and we’re very comfortable with that expectation.

Whether you’re an aspirational Legal Director wanting to push for a first partner role, or an established Partner hoping for greater autonomy or visibility or challenge, or perhaps you’ve found your firm changing over the years and you’d prefer to take a final step to finish your career on a new footing, Tony has experience in advising and supporting such candidates.

Vital is having real focus of thought and effort from us, absolute confidentiality, and a credible representative with firms you may be interested in, and that is what Brooke Thornham can offer.

Contact Tony on 07879 446552 or by email, to schedule an initial conversation (on a no names basis is fine!) to see how he might work with you.