Relationships that mean more

We believe that when you give more, you get more. Which is why we’re generous with our time and expertise, and why we go out of our way to understand you, share our knowledge and add something extra every time you work with us.

We get results. But over time, we develop something even more important: the intuitive understanding that really special relationships are built on.

The ultimate generous relationship

The bond we share with dogs is built on mutual trust, generosity and loyalty, without agenda. Need we say more?

Florit Brooke - Why Dogs?

Our values shape our behaviour

Customer first

We listen to customers and seek first to understand. We respond to their needs by being available, approachable and receptive – making us easy to work with.


We demonstrate respect and care for our clients, candidates and colleagues. We appreciate their points of view, and tactfully offer alternative perspectives.


We’re true, fair and honest. To us relationships come before revenue. So we always strive to do the right thing, in your best interests.


We have some of the strongest expertise in our market. We offer tailored solutions and add value by giving our knowledge freely and happily.


We're collaborative and supportive. Open dialogue means we can really do our best for people. We give it our all and aim to make a difference.

Florit Brooke - Why Us